You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

Session One: You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

It’s a Thursday night, and there’s not a lot happening in Harlan. Johnny Spaceman, so low on pathos that he’s fading, heads out to Bootlegger’s Corner in the hopes that he can sing to someone. Unfortunately, his Shadow silences him, leaving him alone in the woods.

Meanwhile, Dead-Eye decides to go roll some renegades. There’s a Circle who hang out at the local high school – kids, basically, even though some of them have been kids since the 1950s – and while they’re probably not a threat to the Empire, it can’t hurt to check out what they’re up to. When he gets down there, however, he encounters local banshee Mary-Elizabeth Doherty, who informs him that someone is going to die there the next night.

He reports back to the Circle, and they decide to try and reap whoever it is that’s going to die. First, though, they need to handle the renegades, so they go back out to the school. They confront them and Frank tries to handle the situation calmly, but the combination of his Legion mask and Dead-Eye’s weird aggression (at the urging of his Shadow) leads to the renegades bailing. One of them’s someone Frank thinks he knows, but he doesn’t get the chance to chase it up.

The next night, they head out to the football field. The renegades, moliated into forms that look like ’50s greasers, are there in the crowd. One of them slips into the body of a spectator, while another is hanging out by the goalposts. The excitement of the crowd is enough for people to feed off, which is probably why the renegades are there in the first place.

A football player, Flynn, crashes head-first into the goalpost and dies. Frank, Dead-Eye and one of the renegades all go for the enfant at the same time, and in the ensuing chaos the enfant throws himself into the Tempest, taking Frank with him. Dead-Eye chases off the rest of the renegades, blowing one of them into a harrowing, while Johnny dives into the storm to save his Circle-mates, snatching them up just before they’re about to hit the water.



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