You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

Session Two: Napalm for the Soul

It’s a Sunday night, and Johnny Spaceman, Kathleen Elcomb and Dead-Eye have a bit of spare time before they have to be at Thomas Elcomb‘s briefing. Dead-Eye, feeling thin, heads out to the police station to visit his plaque, while Johnny heads to Lucky’s to try and score some pathos from the drunks watching the game. He notices a car with out-of-state plates, but other than that there’s not a lot going on. Kathleen, full of pathos, hangs around the motel and watches David Darcy and another man play pool. Upon Johnny’s return, he checks out David with Fatalism, and sees that the men’s story doesn’t end well, but there isn’t time to find out why.

They head off to Thomas Elcomb’s briefing, where he tells them a couple of things. First, Flynn the dead quarterback has disappeared – it’s not really a Grim Legion problem, though. Second, there are rumours that the Seven Families are making a play for Harlan County – at this stage, though, they’re just rumours. More pressingly, though, something’s on fire, and the Circle are sent to investigate.

Out in the woods, it turns out to be a burning meth lab. The fire has spread to the Shadowlands, and the trailer is weeping balefire onto the ground. Underneath it, the trailer is being burnt into the Shadowlands, making it a relic.

Johnny and Dead-Eye go back to Thomas and tell him what’s going on. Thomas tells them he wants them to claim the trailer for the Grim Legion, and that he will send a specialist to help them put out the fire. Meanwhile, Kathleen goes to see her dubious Uncle Jed, a weird bootlegger type who wants to get his hands on the balefire. They load up on protective gear and drive out to the woods to meet the others.

When Johnny & Dead-Eye get back, the trailer is gone. The Klan have taken it – Dewey Platko and a couple of legionnaires are dragging it through the woods. Johnny convinces them to leave, and then Kathleen, hallucinating wildly, shows up with Uncle Jed in tow. jed says he’ll help them with the balefire if he gets to keep it – Dead-Eye’s really uncomfortable with that, but he’s brought around when Jed promises he’ll never see the balefire again.

Jed and Johnny, covered in protective gear, start shovelling the balefire into barrels. They are interrupted by the arrival of Doctor Sensitivity. Jed hides, but when the Doctor asks who the truck belongs to, Johnny spills the beans. While the Doctor suppresses the fire using Castigate, Kathleen and Jed try to start the truck and get out of there – Dead-Eye tries to stop them, and Jed bails, leaving Kathleen to drive the truck through the woods. Johnny, sitting in his car, is almost flattened by the oncoming truck, thinks briefly about giving chase but decides against it. Kathleen dumps the truck, with a barrel of balefire still in the back, in a mineshaft, then makes her way home.



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